By chance I passed by the ANGST in spring of 1992. I had seen neglected and lost places quite often, but the big weathered letters on the roof and the name ANGST on the facade above the entry made me stop immediately. The big garden up front, reminder of a great past, was a complete wilderness. Little was left inside of the hotel to give hints of its great name and past. Besides of looting, the former hotel had become a place for secret sex, consuming drugs and even the practicing of satanic rituals. Now the full meaning of the name ANGST unfolded.

In the fall of that year I made an extra trip to Liguria, just to have at least one week exclusively for the hotel – with strange encounters in the end. Every day I had to enter the property by climbing a high garden door. – I discovered a comfortable side-entrance to the grounds when leaving, on the last day of my second trip to the hotel. Taking a last glance back, I finally had the perspective for an emotional overview and a title-picture. Although I always sneaked in secretly to be alone to photograph, I was always surprised finding fresh signs from other „guests“ the next day.